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    The mission of the Missouri Space Grant Consortium (MoSGC) is to maintain and enhance the nation’s capabilities in aerospace science and technology.  The consortium accomplishes this goal by recruiting, inspiring, motivating, and training students at all levels to help meet the need for skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the various fields of aerospace engineering, science, and technology.    

    Through this matching grant opportunity, the MoSGC is allowing teachers and students to take advantage of the Universal, K-3 Space® and Orbital Laboratory® programs offered by Space Explorers, Inc. The MoSGC is located in Rolla, Missouri and to promote a strong science, mathematics, and engineering education base from elementary through university levels.  The consortium strives to give students, regardless of class level, a solid basis upon which further development can be fostered.  Several methods are employed to accomplish this objective including curriculum development, classroom visits, and curriculum supplemental activities. 

    For more information about the Missouri Space Grant Consortium, please visit http://web.umr.edu/~spaceg/.

    To apply for a matching grant, please complete the form located at http://www.space-explorers.com/grants/form.asp. To learn more about our programs, visit http://www.space-explorers.com.

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