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    The Arizona Space Grant Consortium (AZSGC) brings together Arizona's education and scientific communities to foster public interest in science education, scholarship, and research. AZSGC is working with Space Explorers, Inc. to increase students' interest in space by providing matching funds for them to participate in the Universal, K-3 Space® and Orbital Laboratory® programs.

    The mission of AZSGC is to stimulate and enhance science and mathematics education at all levels, providing motivation, improving quality, and increasing access for students, teachers, and the general public. Through AZSGC, affiliates offer fellowships, scholarships, and undergraduate research internships for students pursuing degrees in science, engineering, and science education.

    For more information about the Arizona Space Grant Consortium, visit: http://spacegrant.arizona.edu/

    To learn more about Space Explorers programming, visit: http://www.space-explorers.com

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