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    The Indiana Space Grant Consortium would like to announce a matching grant opportunity for schools and teachers interested in integrating science and technology into their classroom. The Indiana Space Grant Consortium has a partnership with Space Explorers, Inc. to bring the latest NASA missions and experiments into your classroom. All of the curriculum is designed within the Indiana State Standards for Science. Space Explorers offers several innovative programs, including

    • Orbital Laboratory®
    • Universal
    • K-3 Space®

    These Internet-based programs are hands-on learning tools supported by standards-based curricula. They provide an interactive environment in which students can actively participate.

    The goal of this initiative, which is a collaboration of organizations from both the public and private sectors, is to help make science, math and technology come alive for students. While programs such as Orbital Laboratory, Universal and K-3Space® are desirable tools for teachers, many educators have little or no funding to implement the programs. The Indiana Space Grant Consortium Initiative and Space Explorers, Inc. have created a unique opportunity to bring these exciting programs into your classroom at an affordable price. All grants are 50/50 matching fund sponsorships and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to provide this opportunity to as many schools as possible.

    We hope you will consider joining the Indiana Space Grant Consortium and Space Explorers, Inc. to bring the thrill of space into your classroom.

    For more information about the Indiana Space Grant Consortium, please visit http://www.insgc.org/.

    To learn more about our programs, visit http://www.space-explorers.com.

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