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    Dear ______________________,

    My name is (your name), and I am a teacher at school's name. I am writing you to request your assistance. At (school's name) I teach (subject(s)) to (number of students). Part of the state curriculum standards includes requirements that I teach my students about space exploration. To meet these standards, Space Explorers, Inc. has developed a variety of programs that would be beneficial to my students in obtaining this knowledge. Space Explorers promotes discovery, inquiry, and analysis by offering standards-based curricula, mission simulations, and experiments that incorporate actual NASA data. These programs are innovative, fun, and exciting for students.

    Space Explorers, Inc. was founded in 1995 upon the idea that students involved in the excitement of NASA missions could be highly motivated to pursue the math, science, and technology fields. Space Explorers, Inc. offers three main categories of programs:

    • Universal
      • Mission Solar System includes Marslink®, Moonlink®, NEARlink®, which are all team mission simulations the students complete together during class. The fourth program included in Mission Solar System is Mars Explorer. This program allows an individual student to control his or her own Mars Rover while exploring the surface of Mars.
    • Orbital Laboratory®
      • Orbital Laboratory was developed to connect students to commercial science and educational payloads on the International Space Station. The Orbital Laboratory overviews: Plant Growth, Plant Genetics, and Cultivating Our Future.
    • K-3 Space®
      • K-3 Space® addresses science standards at the lower grade levels, ensuring students are taught properly at this absorbent young age. Students learn about such topics as orbits, reflection of light, phases of the moon, and distances between the Sun, Moon, and planets.

    Unfortunately, the limits of (school's name)'s budget prohibit me from sharing these experiences with my classes. If you are willing to donate a portion of the cost to provide my students with these wonderful programs, please send your donation to (school's name) C/O your name school's address, city, state, zip. If you have any questions about Space Explorers, the educational programs, or my school, please feel free to contact me at (school's telephone number), or at youremailaddress@school.edu. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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