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    The Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) represents a statewide partnership of universities, a cooperative extension service, state government, city government, industry, and a major science museum working to enhance opportunities for Oklahomans to understand and participate in NASA’s mission directorates by supporting programs in science, mathematics, engineering, technology, education, geography, and other aeronautics and space related disciplines throughout the state.

    The OSGC supports professional development opportunities and provides Space Explorers Universal, K-3 Space®, and Orbital Laboratory® to schools in Oklahoma. The OSGC is located in Norman, Oklahoma and provides support for promising students, professors, and research in aerospace-related fields, sponsors internships for affiliate university students to NASA Centers and other aerospace-related institutions, inspires and trains current and future educators to use aerospace-related materials to achieve educational objectives in the classroom, and creates, organizes, conducts, and financially supports programs for Oklahomans to better understand NASA’s work.

    For more information about the Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium, please visit http://okspacegrant.ou.edu/.

    To apply for a matching grant, please complete the form located at http://www.space-explorers.com/grants/form.asp. To learn more about our programs, visit http://www.space-explorers.com.

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