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  • Current events for January 1, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/01:
    • In January of 1976, NASA began printing a magazine called "Spinoff" which features by-products of space research used in everyday life(1976). Some space spinoffs are Teflon, heat resistant cookware, and artifical heart valves.
    • First recovery of a meteorite via photographic search (1970).
    • Henry J. E. Reid appointed Engineer-in-Charge of NACA Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, a post held until July 1960, when he retired as Director of NASA's Langley Research Center (1926).
    • First physiological research laboratory completed at Wright Field by Air Corps to investigate and devise means to alleviate distressing symptoms occurring in flight (1937).
    • At request of Army Ordnance, Cal Tech's rocket laboratory started research and development program on long-range missiles, called Project ORDCIT, which resulted in development of Private "A" and Corporal missiles (1944).
    • President's Finletter Commission submitted its comprehensive report entitled "Survival in the Air Age" (1948).
    • Strategic Air Command assigned responsibility for U.S. operational ICBM capability; while the 672nd Strategic Missile Squadron, first to be equipped with USAF Douglas Thor IRBM, was activated (1958).
    • U.S.S.R. launched LUNIK I into a solar orbit, with a total weight of a reported 3,245 pounds, the first man-made object placed in orbit around the sun. It was called MECHTA ("dream") by the Russians (1959).
    • Defense officials indicated fiscal year 1960 budget would begin major integration of long-range missiles into weapons arsenal and replacement of manned aircraft on a large scale (1959).
    • White House statement of President Eisenhower issued, stating that "the early establishment of a communication satellite system which can be used on a commercial basis is a national objective" (1961).
    • Project Ice Way was established near Thule by the Geophysics Research Directorate of the Cambridge Research Laboratories to test the feasibility of landing heavy aircraft on ice runways. The tests, completed in June 1961, demonstrated the strength and other engineering qualities of the ice runways constructed of natural sea water or reinforced with strands of Fiberglass (1961).
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