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  • Current events for January 4, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/04:
    • Sputnik 1 reentered the atmosphere and burned (1958).
    • James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh, born (1581). He gave an age to the Earth.
    • Latest sunrise of the year.
    • William G. Swan stayed aloft for 30 minutes over Atlantic City, N.J., in a glider powered with 10 small rockets (1931).
    • University of California announced completion of pilot model for low-pressure supersonic wind tunnel, while NACA Ames Aeronautical Laboratory placed its low-density wind tunnel into operation about this time (1948).
    • SPUTNIK I reentered the atmosphere and disintegrated (1958).
    • American Rocket Society and the Rocket and Satellite Research Panel issued a summary of their proposals for a National Space Establishment. Preferably independent of the Department of Defense, but in any event not under one of the military services, this establishment would be responsible for the "broad cultural, scientific, and commercial objectives" of outer space development (1958).
    • Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Pacific Missile Range declared officially operational for firings (1959).
    • Ablation model test with electric arc attained 4,000 F for 105 seconds at Langley Research Center, one of a series of tests begun in September 1960 (1961).
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