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  • Current events for January 5, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/05:
    • Goddard received $5000 grant from Smithsonian for work on rockets.
    • Kiowa Indians recorded this as the night the stars fell (1834).
    • Kathleen Kenyon, first person to place a date on the remains of Jericho, born (1906).
    • First successful auroral photograph made (1892).
    • Cloud seeding over McCook Field, Dayton, accomplished by Prof. W. D. Bancroft of Cornell University, from Air Service aircraft (1923).
    • First assignment of a flight surgeon to Naval Aircraft Factory, Lt. Comdr. J. R. Poppen (USN), was directed to observe pilots, conduct physical examinations, and work on hygienic and physiological aspects of research and development projects (1935).
    • LUNIK I transmissions ceased 373,125 miles from earth (1959).
    • Turbofan-powered B-52H Boeing bomber, with two prototype Douglas Skybolt air-launched 1,000-mile-range ballistic missiles under each wing, was rolled out of the factory at Wichita, Kansas (1961).
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