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  • Current events for January 8, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/08:
    • First U.S. operational jet fighter flown, a Lockheed XP-80 Lulubelle, which became known as the P-80 "Shooting Star." (1944).
    • Japan became the third country to send an object into solar orbit (1985).
    • First aircraft takeoff in United States with permanently installed JATO rocket powerplant, an A-20A at Muroc Army Air Base, California (1943).
    • First flight of Lockheed XP-80 at Muroc, which was powered by British Halford turbojet engine, the first U.S. airplane designed from the beginning for turbojet propulsion. Rushed through development in 145 days by Lockheed's Clarence L. ("Kelly") Johnson, the P-80 was not distributed to tactical units until December 1945 (1944).
    • First experimental operation of model slotted-throat wind tunnel. Langley Laboratory's Ray H. Wright, working theoretically, and Vernon G. Ward, working experimentally with a parasite tunnel attached to the Langley 16-foot high-speed tunnel, collaborated in an effort that resulted in establishment of transonic flow with the use of longitudinal slots in the walls of the throat of a conventional subsonic tunnel. Known as the slotted-throat technique, first major installation was made in the Langley 8-foot subsonic high-speed tunnel in December 1949, a breakthrough in wind tunnel technique (1947).
    • NASA requested eight Redstone-type launch vehicles from the Army to be used in Project Mercury development flights (1959).
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