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  • Current events for January 12, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/12:
    • Howard Hughes set cross-country flight record, 7 hrs., 28 min. (1937).
    • First 747 flight across the Atlantic (1970).
    • Paul Miller, inventor of DDT born (1899).
    • Northrop Aircraft Co. announced that rocket-powered test vehicles at Muroc Air Base, Calif., had attained a speed of 1,019 mph. (1948).
    • President Eisenhower, in answering the December 10, 1957, letter of Soviet Premier Nikolai A. Bulganin regarding a summit conference and disarmament proposed that the Soviet Union and the United States "agree that outer space should be used only for peaceful purposes." This proposal was compared with the 1946 offer of the United States to cease production of nuclear weapons and dedicate atomic energy to peaceful uses, an offer which was not accepted by the Soviet Union (1958).
    • LDEF retrieved (1990).
    • NASA announced selection of McDonnell Aircraft Corp., as source for design, development,and construction of Mercury capsule (1959).
    • President Eisenhower in his state of the Union address to Congress reviewed U.S. progress in space exploration, stating, "These achievements unquestionably make us pre-eminent in space exploration for the betterment of mankind (1961).
    • Joint DOD-NASA release outlined actions of the Aeronautics and Astronautics Coordinating Board (AACB) since its creation in September 1960 (1961).
    • First Italian launching of scientific sounding rocket in cooperative program with United States, a Nike-Cajun launched from a range in Sardinia to a height of over 100 miles, and released a cloud of sodium vapor visible for many miles (1961).
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