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  • Current events for January 13, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/13:
    • NASA selected first group of women astronauts (1978).
    • N.Y. Times ridiculed the idea of reaching the Moon by rocket.
    • Sikorsky XR-4, single-rotary wing, two-man helicopter, made its first successful flight (1942).
    • First successful automatic homing flight of Navy Lark (XSAM-N-4) launched at NAMTC, making simulated interception at a range of 17,300 yards at an altitude of 7,400 feet (1950).
    • USAF Northrop Snark launched from Cape Canaveral on 2,000-mile flight (1956).
    • Secretary of Defense Neil H. McElroy testified before the House Armed Services Committee: "Such long-range programs as the antimissile missile and the military satellite programs are in the research and exploratory development stages. They are important and must be pursued, but they must not distract us from the speedy development of our other missile systems. To handle them, I am establishing within the Department of Defense an Advanced Research Projects Agency, which will be responsible to the Secretary of Defense for the unified direction and management of the antimissile missile program and for outer space projects (1958)."
    • In his budget message to Congress, President Eisenhower stated: "Funds are provided for an expanded research and development effort on military satellites and other outer space vehicles and on antimissile-missile systems, to be carried out directly under the Secretary of Defense." The budget for fiscal year 1959 showed that $340 million in new obligational authority was being asked for the Advanced Research Projects Agency. No new authorizations were sought for the International Geophysical Year, but estimated obligations for earth satellite exploration of the upper atmosphere under this program were $8,139,834 for fiscal year 1958 and $21 million for fiscal year 1959 (1958).
    • Convair B-58 Hustler, jet bomber powered by four GE J-79 engines, broke six world speed records, Maj. H. J. Deutschendorf, U.S. Air Force, as pilot. On first closed-course run, the Hustler averaged 1,200.194 miles per hour, and it averaged 1,061.808 miles per hour on both runs carrying a payload of 4,408 pounds and a crew of three (1961).
    • NASA announced that a Life Sciences Research Laboratory would be established on February 1 at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.(1961).
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