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  • Current events for January 22, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/22:
    • USAF concluded that less than 1 percent of UFO's are unknown objects (1959).
    • 75 percent of North America covered by snow (1982).
    • Navy ordered its first rotary-wing aircraft, the XOP-1, from Pitcairn Aircraft (1931).
    • Federal Aviation Commission, appointed by the President as provided in the Air Mail Act of June 12, 1934, submitted its report and set forth broad policy on all phases of aviation and the relation of Government thereto. It recommended strengthening of commercial and civil aviation, expansion of airport facilities, and establishment of more realistic procurement practices from industry. It recommended continued study of air organization toward more effective utilization and closer interagency relationships, to include expansion of experimental and development work and its close coordination with the NACA (1935).
    • First flight test of a complete airplane model designed by "area rule" concepts propelled to supersonic speeds by rocket boosters, at Langley Wallops Island, Virginia (1953).
    • Existence of ICBM program announced by DOD (1955).
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