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  • Current events for January 25, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/25:
    • Launch of Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). IRAS discovered a ring around the star Vega, seven comets, and bands of dust orbiting the Sun between the planets of Mars and Jupiter (1983).
    • Good night to look to Leo for meteors.
    • Robert Boyle born (1627).
    • Committee on Law of Aviation, American Bar Association, filed initial report on the necessity of aerial law. On August 25, the ABA recommended Federal aerial legislation (1921).
    • January 24-25: Twenty-five aircraft carried scientists and other observers above clouds in Connecticut to view total eclipse of the sun, while airship Los Angeles carried Naval Observatory scientists over Block Island, R.I. (1925).
    • First attempted test flight of USAF Thor IRBM, only 13 months after first production contracts were signed, failed to launch (1957).
    • NASA awarded contract to Lockheed for a spaceship refueling study (1961).
    • NASA distributed to the world scientific community, through COSPAR, a detailed description of the next planned Beacon satellite experiment (1961).
    • NASA revealed it had selected 12 women airplane pilots to undergo tests to determine space flight research capability (1961).
    • Assembly of Ranger I was completed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1961).
    • Titan II selected as launch vehicle for Dyna-Soar I by USAF (1961).
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