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  • Current events for January 30, 2018
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    Events in space history for 01/30:
    • First airplane rescue at sea (1911).
    • Russian balloon reached 73,000 feet, but aeronauts Felosienko, Wasienko, and Vsyskin perished in free fall of gondola (1934).
    • Orville Wright died in Dayton, Ohio, at the age of 76, thus ending his 28 years as a member of the NACA. In his lifetime, the speed of the airplane had been increased from 0 mph to almost 1,000 mph (1948).
    • President Truman announced his decision to go ahead on the hydrogen bomb development program (1950).
    • President Kennedy stated in his state of the Union address to Congress: "This administration intends to explore promptly all possible areas of cooperation with the Soviet Union and other nations to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Specifically, I now invite all nationsşincluding the Soviet Unionşto join with us in developing a weather prediction program, in a new communication satellite program, and in preparation for probing the distant planets of Mars and Venus, probes which may some day unlock the deepest secrets of the universe" (1961).
    • James E. Webb nominated as Administrator of NASA by President Kennedy (1961).
    • Conference of 12 European nations held at Strasbourg to discuss a British and French proposal for a European satellite launcher development program (1961).
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