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  • Current events for February 5, 2018
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    Events in space history for 02/05:
    • Mariner 10 took first close-range photo of Venus (1974).
    • 7 in. of snow fell on San Francisco (1887).
    • Navy-sponsored project of developing radio-loop antennas for navigational purposes (1920).
    • First civil airline with passenger service, Germany's Deutsche Luftreederei which operated between Berlin, Leipzig, and Weimar (1919).
    • Capt. Frank Hawks and O. E. Grubb established new nonstop transcontinental West-East record of 18 hours 22 minutes, in a single-engine Lockheed Air Express, the first practical application of NACA cowling for radial air-cooled engines (1929).
    • Bureau of Standards developed photoelectric detector to simplify measurement of height of clouds (1941).
    • President Truman directed that production of nuclear weapons continue, following the recommendations of the AEC and the Secretaries of War and Navy (1947).
    • Trial firing of IGY Vanguard (TV-3Bu) satellite failed at Cape Canaveral, Fla., 57 seconds after launch (1958).
    • Orientation of Tiros II made it impossible to obtain Northern Hemisphere pictures and malfunctions made remote picture taking undesirable, so that use of satellite's cameras was suspended until orbit precession again made Northern Hemisphere pictures possible (1961).
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