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  • Current events for February 7, 2018
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    Events in space history for 02/07:
    • Bruce McCandless became first human satellite (1984).
    • The Joint Army and Navy Technical Aeronautical Board (JAN-TAB) passed resolution on Instrument Standardization in Army and Navy planes for incorporation in general specifications (1918).
    • Completion of a 50-hour test of the Lawrance J-1, 200-hp radial air-cooled engine, by the Aeronautical Engine Laboratory, Washington Navy Yard, foreshadowed the successful use of radial engines in naval aircraft (1922).
    • The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was established by the DOD, and Roy W. Johnson, a vice president of General Electric Co., was appointed by Secretary of Defense McElroy as its Director. ARPA was placed in charge of the Nation's outer space program (1958).
    • X-15 flown to unofficial record 2,275 miles per hour by Maj. Robert White, U.S. Air Force (1960).
    • Meeting of NASA and contractor personnel held at NASA headquarters to review Centaur development program (1961).
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