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  • Current events for February 12, 2018
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    Events in space history for 02/12:
    • Siberian meteor fall produced more than 100 craters (1947).
    • First flight test of a high-energy fuel made by NACA Lewis Laboratory in an air-launched test vehicle (1954).

        (Which of the two craters is on the Moon and which is on Earth?

        The first image is a very famous meteorite crater located on Earth. It is the Barringer Crater in Arizona. Its dimensions are 3900 feet wide by 600 feet deep.

        The second image, taken by the Apollo 12 Command Module, is of the Moon's surface beneath the Apollo 12 Lunar Module as it prepared to land on the Moon in an area called the Moon's Ocean of Storms. The large crater is called Herschel.

    • Navy dirigible Macon crashed at sea off the California coast (1935).
    • Sputnik VIII launched into Earth orbit by U.S.S.R., from which it placed 1,419-pound Venus probe on its course (1961).
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