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  • Current events for February 19, 2018
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    Events in space history for 02/19:
    • "Mir" was launched (1986).
    • Apollo 14 splashdown (1971).
    • Grant signed law that created Federal Meteorological Service (1870).
    • Edwin Hubble wrote to Shapley that he has found cepheid variables in M31! (1924).
    • Mikolei Kopernik (Copernicus) born (1473).
    • The NACA recommendations on regulating air commerce, the licensing of pilots, the inspection of aircraft, and the use of landing fields were transmitted to Congress through the Secretary of the Treasury (1919).
    • Under Presidential order the Army Air Corps started flying domestic airmail (1934).
    • S. Paul Johnston appointed Director of the IAS to replace Lester D. Gardner, retiring after 15 years of service (1946).
    • Beginning of six Moby Dick balloon flights to study high-altitude winds flown from Vernalles NAS, Calif., by USAF Cambridge Research Center, each capsule also containing fruit flies (1953).
    • Monorail two-stage rocket-research sled attained 3,090 mph, or roughly Mach 4.1, at Holloman AFB (1959).
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