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Palm Beach Day School Palm Beach, FL

Teacher Tom Sarko writes about Space Explorers programs

I have been using Space Explorers programs for six years, going back to the days of Lunar Prospector and MoonLink®. The mission simulation concept is what initially got my attention as this has added a whole new dimension of realism to my Earth/Space Science classes.

I think both my students and I still enjoy preparing for and carrying out the mission simulations the most, in spite of all of the other great elements that have been added to the Space Explorers programs. Assuming the role of a "real scientist" and working as a team to successfully complete a mission is great fun and very rewarding to my students.

My students use the Space Explorers curriculum, simulations and other resources to construct a better understanding of their Universe, what it means to explore that Universe, and how scientists and engineers, in general, go about their work. Whether or not these students pursue careers in math and science, they certainly develop a deeper appreciation of these fields. Who knows, some of them, or their children, may become the "first" Martians.

Tom Sarko

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