Mars Explorer Simulation Mars Explorer Simulation
Mars Explorer Simulation Mars Explorer Simulation

Infinite possibilities exist on Mars, the Red Planet. Our newest simulation, Mars Explorer will allow students to explore these possibilities while driving their own Mars Exploration Rover (MER) and determining their course of exploration on Mars. Taking soil samples, monitoring the weather or exploring the surface of the Red Planet will help students better understand Mars and contemplate the existence of water and life on the planet.

For more information on the Rovers: 04 Contest , please visit this page.

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After just landing on Mars, you find yourself surrounded by rocks, craters, mountains and deserts. Hop into your Explorer to navigate around the Red Planet and see what you can find. Pay close attention to the weather, the soil and objects that lie in your path.
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To learn how your students can participate in the Mars Explorer Simulation starting Jan. 20, 2004.

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