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  • Crabb Who: Mr. Thomas Crabb, co-founder of Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC), an aerospace research and product development organization.

    What: Live Online Chat about Plants in Space & Space Hardware.

    When: Tuesday, October 14 from 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (Central Time)

    Biography: Mr. Crabb has led ORBITEC's technical developments, including spaceflight hardware and commercial product development. The technologies have included spaceflight hardware for science experimentation on Space Shuttle and the International Space Station, environmental chambers and control systems, sensors and instrumentation, human interfaces for robotics and virtual reality, human factors evaluation, and instrumented rehabilitation devices. He is responsible for ORBITEC's first patents, first commercial product, and first spaceflight hardware programs.

    Other areas of technical experience involve analysis and technology development applied to Space Station, unmanned platforms, lunar base, Mars missions, and other space infrastructure operations. Specific project areas include advanced life support development, advanced basing systems design, human factors applied to space debris analysis, space operations and resource modeling, advanced mission development, Lunar and Mars base resource utilization, mission and traffic analysis.

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