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    Dr. Dana M. Barry’s World First MarsLink team continues to make progress. Members participate in planet/star gazing sessions and other space-related events.

    PHOTO CAPTION: Clarkson University Research Professor Dr. Dana Barry donates a copy of her published book (Plan, Develop, Display, Present Science Projects) to Pam Neal, the principal of St. Mary’s School.

    Dr. Barry, who is a member of the Planetary Society, is a consultant about the planet Mars for a film being produced that relates to the book The Manual written by Frank Celenza. Also she recently presented a workshop for Earth Day at St. Mary’s School in Canton, NY, where she donated a copy of her published book Plan, Develop, Display, Present, Science Projects to the school. See photo. This book includes useful information for students planning to carry out space-related science projects.

    Dr. Barry’s adventure with Mars continues. Her name is on the Curiosity Rover and aboard the MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN) spacecraft, which continue to have active programs. Curiosity’s major objective is to find evidence of a past environment suited to support microbial life. The main goal for MAVEN is to study the upper atmosphere of Mars in the hopes of learning about the Red planet’s atmosphere, climate, and liquid water. MAVEN recently observed Mars’ Moon Phobos by using its Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph instrument. NASA scientists hope to find out how Phobos was formed and information about its chemical makeup.

    Dr. Barry’s World First MarsLink Mission is supported by NASA and Space Explorers, Inc. and sponsored by the Northern New York Section of the American Chemical Society. She and her team are very grateful to Space Explorers, Inc. for their continued interest and outstanding support.

    2015 Update

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