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    PHOTO CAPTION: Mars, the most Earth-like of the planets. The polar ice cap can be seen at the top of the photo while the circle (at the upper left edge of the planet) is Olympus Mons, the highest point on Mars. (Photo Credit: Public Domain.)

    Dr. Dana M. Barry’s World First MarsLink team continues to make progress. Members participate in planet/star gazing sessions and other space-related events.

    Dr. Barry and her collaborator Professor Hideyuki Kanematsu (of Japan) coauthored a book that includes exciting activities related to Mars and Space Exploration. The book STEM and ICT Education in Intelligent Environments was published by Springer (a top world publisher) in 2016. It is an Intelligent Systems Library Reference book too. This book lists and thanks Space Explorers, Inc. in the Acknowledgement Section.

    Space-related activities within the book include flight and amazing airplanes. Another part of the book allows students to create a new planet of their own and an opportunity for carrying out a Mars simulation mission, in which a spacecraft lands on Mars (a virtual terrain). See the photo displaying the Red planet Mars.

    Dr. Barry’s World First MarsLink Mission is supported by NASA and Space Explorers, Inc. and sponsored by the Northern New York Section of the American Chemical Society. She and her team are very grateful to Space Explorers, Inc. for their continued interest and outstanding support.

    2016 Update

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