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    Are your students anxious to show the community or the rest of the school what they've been learning? Would you like to find more ways to use Space Explorers materials to promote your students and curriculum? Space Explorers, Inc. can help you do just that.

    The following pages will guide you through various public outreach activities, providing suggestions and resources to help you succeed:

    Special Event Ideas
    Media Contacts
    Event Planning

    These pages offer ideas about ways to earn attention for the passionate learning that is occurring in your classroom. The activities can be undertaken by you, the teacher, or assigned to a team of students.

    If you have any questions or would like more information about any of the ideas you see listed, please feel free to contact us at at pao@space-explorers.com or 800-965-3763.

    Senator Herb Kohl visits Ellen Van Pay's class at Martin Luther King Elementary in Green Bay, Wis., while they host a Moonlink® simulation.

    If your class receives media attention, we would be thrilled to showcase the information on our website. Send the stories to the e-mail address listed above or mail them to the following address:
    Space Explorers, Inc.
    Attn: Public Affairs Officer
    1825 Nimitz Dr.
    De Pere, WI 54115

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