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    Once you've decided to hold a special event, there is some planning that goes into the days leading up to it. Students can help you get ready for the big day, while expanding their creative and organizational skills in the process. Read on for some helpful planning tips.

    Depending on the type of special event you're planning, numerous people could be invited to attend. Interested parties may be parents, other teachers and students within the school, principals, sponsors of your Space Explorers programming, School Board members, local political officials, and members of the media. When inviting guests, create a basic letter or artistic invitation that specifies the location, time, and date of the event. (Review our Sample Invitation if you need help getting started.) Members of the media could be sent a press release with these same details. (See the Media Contacts section to learn more about press releases.)

    Jim Schmitt, Mayor of Green Bay, Wis., looks on as students from Martin Luther King Elementary host a Mars Explorer simulation.
    Event Preparation
    Once you've found a place to host your event, getting the space ready for guests can be an exciting lead-in for students. Consider the following suggestions, as well as coming up with your own:
    • Set up seating for guests.
    • Create welcome signs and clear postings directing guests to the appropriate spot.
    • Hang posters, artwork, essays, stories, or other materials students created on the walls.
    • Create a press kit of your own to give to newspaper, television, and radio representatives. Press kits can include items such as fact sheets, flyers, agendas, and other materials related to the event.
    • Print an agenda to hand out at the event. Review our Sample Agenda to get some ideas.

    Event Hosting
    Choose a representative from the class to be the event host. That person should be responsible for the following tasks:

    Event Follow-Up
    After finishing your project:

    • Send a thank you note to your sponsor and guests who attended. Include published news articles, an event summary, or the link to your website, if applicable. See our Sample Thank You Letter if you're looking for ideas.
    • Write a summary of the event to be used as a school announcement or an article in your school newspaper.
    • If the local media covers your event, send copies of published news articles, videos, and photos to Space Explorers, Inc. at hollie@space-explorers.com so that we can share them with teachers across the country.

    If you wish to explore more ideas about gaining publicity, visit the Media Contacts page. If you receive media coverage, we would love to see it. E-mail it to elizabeth@space-explorers.com or send a copy to the following address:

    Space Explorers, Inc.
    Attn: Elizabeth Schmeisser
    1825 Nimitz Dr.
    De Pere, WI 54115

    Special Event Ideas
    Media Contacts
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