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  • Marslink® Sample Press Release

    Contact: Lynn Teacher
    ABC Middle School

    Students from ABC Middle School Taking Trip to Mars

    Green Bay, Wis., 3/27/08 - Students from ABC Middle School in Green Bay, Wis. are preparing for a simulation of NASA's Mars Odyssey mission. Through the generosity of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, Lynn Teacher's students will showcase Space Explorers, Inc.'s Marslink® simulation at ABC Middle School on April 3, 2008 at 3 p.m.

    "Marslink® provides an excellent hands-on opportunity for students to be involved in space," said Lynn Teacher. “My students are thrilled to have the chance to visit the Red Planet."

    The Marslink® simulation is based on NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mars Odyssey Mission. Mars Odyssey is an orbiter carrying science experiments designed to make global observations of Mars to improve our understanding of the planet's climate and geologic history, including the search for water and evidence of life-sustaining environments. As part of the simulation, students launch a Delta II rocket into space. Students then reenact the cruise phase, where they perform trajectory correction maneuvers to make sure the spacecraft is following the correct path to Mars. Students will also be faced with anomalies and need to work together to find the best solution in order to complete a successful mission.

    Students will demonstrate the simulation in the ABC Middle School computer lab. After completing the simulation, students will work with actual data from Mars Odyssey to try to answer their own scientific questions about the Red Planet. Marslink® is part of Space Explorers' Mission: Solar System program. Students involved in this educational program are engaged in an in-depth study of Mars while learning about various NASA missions, the solar system, and other science and technology concepts.

    For more information about this special event, contact Lynn Teacher at 411-515-1234. To learn more about Space Explorers, Inc. and the Marslink® simulation, visit http://www.space-explorers.com or e-mail pao@space-explorers.com.

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