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    If you're looking for more ways to bring the wonder of space to your school, arranging special events can be a fun and educational experience for students and teachers alike. Here are some ideas to consider:

    • Organizing a space-themed science fair
    • Planning a science expo, which could include demonstrations, presentations, hands-on activities, and more
    • Hosting star gazing events
    • Arrange a science night for parents and students
    • Inviting a space professional to speak at your school
    • Asking guests to attend Mission: Solar System simulations
    • Holding an Orbital Laboratory® press conference
    • Participating in online chats and inviting guests
    • Entering nationwide contests

    Planning a special event is an easy way to get your students involved in a hands-on manner while allowing parents, teachers, and community members to get a glimpse of the excitement of space education. If you wish to explore more ideas about planning special events and gaining publicity, check out the following pages.

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    Event Planning
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    Astronaut Bill Oefelein visits the classroom of Jason Daniels at Kalifornsky Beach Elementary School in Soldotna, Alaska.
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