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  • You're a Space Travel Agent

    Mission: Create a space travel brochure.
    Use your imagination to create a brochure or flyer persuading others to take a trip to outer space. How would you convince people to use your travel agency to venture into space?

    Things to consider:
    Where would be your "out of this world" destination? The moon? Mars? How about a space hotel? You will also want to name your Space Travel Agency. In addition, think about cost to take the trip, length of stay, activities to offer to tourists in space, types of food that will be served on the trip, types of clothes travelers should bring, etc.

    The top four most original brochures/fliers will be posted on our website. Please submit your brochures by November 22, 2003. Include your name, your teacher's name, school name and address, school phone and/or e-mail address. Please include a note regarding whether or not you would like us to send back your original space tourism brochures.

    Submit entries to:
    Space Explores, Inc.
    c/o Chrissy Paape
    1825 Nimitz Dr.
    De Pere, WI 54115

    Space Tourism Background:
    American businessman Dennis Tito paid $20 million to journey to space for a one-week stay. He flew into space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket, arriving at the International Space Station on April 30, 2001. Almost one year later, on April 25, 2002, South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth also flew on the Russian Soyuz and visited the International Space Station.

    Space Tourism's Future:
    Multiple organizations have been conceptualizing what space tourism will be in the future. Space Island Group is one organization that has the vision to develop a stand-alone, commercial space infrastructure. This space hotel or "city in space" may someday be created by reusing Space Shuttle's External Fuel Tanks.

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