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  • Featured Class:
    Booneville Middle School Booneville, Mississippi
    Teacher Brenda Scott

    The STEP program at Booneville Middle School has participated in a program with Space Explorers, Inc. Four teams of fifth and sixth grade gifted students performed simulated launches of the Lunar Prospecter over the internet.

    The simulation is based on the actual NASA mission to the moon. The purpose of Prospecter was to map the moon and take scientific samples. Each student received a password to use to reach the Space Explorers site and link them to NASA and other space sites in order to complete a study of the space program. To perform the simulation each student then received a position and a script. On average, the missions took about an hour and a half each. The students had to launch the rocket to the moon, achieve orbit, and perform scientific procedures before crashing into a crater on the moon. All teams reported successful missions with slight anomalies which occurred along the way but were overcome with quick thinking and teamwork. Mrs. Brenda Scott, teacher, was able to get the program with the help of a grant from the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium.

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