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    Are those beautiful comets in the sky really "dirty snowballs?" Yes, the center of the comet is an icy ball packed with dust and rock. It becomes beautiful when it orbits near the Sun. The ice and frozen gases vaporize, making shiny sparkles. It would be hard to make a model of a comet that reflected light, but we can make a delicious comet model!

    To make one comet model, you will need:

    Food & Equipment
    one scoop of vanilla ice cream
    one re-closeable plastic bags
    one paper baking cup (often used for cupcakes)
    one piece of wax paper, about 12 inches square
    two vanilla wafers
    one chocolate cookie wafer
    one ice cream cone
    one rolling pin
    two spoons

    Now, that equipment will make you the best comet that you will ever taste! How? Well, that is what you are going to do - your mission is to follow the step by step directions below. Good luck, science snackers around the world are depending on you!

    Step 1: Gather your materials and place them neatly at your work station.

    Step 2: Put the vanilla wafers and the chocolate wafer inside your plastic bag. Push out the air and seal the top.

    Step 3: Gently roll the wafers with the rolling pin until they are crumbs. Some will be very small and some will be a little bigger.

    Step 4: Carefully pour the crumbs onto the wax paper.

    Step 5: Get your scoop of ice cream and set it on top of the crumbs. With the two spoons, roll your ice cream around the crumbs until it is completely covered with crumbs.

    Step 6: With the spoons, put the comet (the ice cream scoop) in the paper baking cup. Put it in the freezer for at least 20 minutes. Wait.

    Step 7: Take the comet out of the freezer and gently rest it on the cup end of the ice cream cone. You will probably not be able to push it in without breaking the cone.

    Step 8: Being careful not to let your comet fall off, eat your comet and think about how it would taste if, more like a real comet, the crumbs were all through the ice cream!

    Credit: www.thursdaysclassroom.com

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