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  • Life on the Moon Cartoon

    Imagine that you and your family are part of the first group of settlers to make their homes on the Moon. Your mission is to create a cartoon that can be published in a newspaper back on Earth. The purpose of the cartoon is to let people know what it's like to live on the Moon.

    Moon CartoonSupplies needed:

    1. Blank 8 x 11" piece of paper
    2. A pencil
    3. A ruler
    4. Colored pencils or crayons


    1. Using your ruler, draw four square boxes on the blank piece of paper.
    2. In each box, sketch a scene that involves a family living on the Moon. This could be a picture of your family at dinner, doing chores around the "yard", picking out clothes, cleaning, or other home situations.
    3. Create "word bubbles" to show what the characters are saying about their new home in space.
    4. Color in your sketches to complete your cartoon.

    Questions to Help You Get Started:

    1. What kind of house do you have?
    2. What does your backyard look like?
    3. What sorts of foods would you eat?
    4. What kind of suits and helmets do you have to wear on the Moon? (Remember the Moon does not have a natural supply of fresh air to breathe.)
    5. How would gravity affect your ability to walk, run, or perform other types of exercise on the Moon? (Keep in mind the Moon only has one-sixth the amount of gravity that Earth has.)

    Remember, the most important part of this activity is to be creative. Have fun!

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