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    Space Explorers, Inc. strives to improve the science education of students around the world. Here are what some teachers had to say about Space Explorers programming.

    Tony Marinelli's classTeacher Tony Marinelli, Willoughby Middle School - Willoughby, OH
    "I am amazed at the quality of the Mars Explorer simulation. This activity allowed my students to use their knowledge of basic geology concepts on Earth and apply them to the other planets in the Solar System, especially Mars. The students are amazed that Mars has similar features as Earth, such as mountains, volcanoes, valleys, polar ice caps, and dust storms." Read more about Willoughby Middle School.

    Teacher Jean Durrett, Maedgen Elementary - Lubbock, TX
    "My association with Space Explorers programs was the highlight of my teaching career. I've won many national, state, and local awards for science teaching, but your programs always made the class more exciting for the kids and for me. I will always remember working on those programs. Thanks for everything."

    Lynn Triantos' classTeacher Lynne Triantos, Woodruff School - Seabrook, NJ
    "I have been using the Space Explorers programs for three years as part of the district's middle school Gifted and Talented curriculum. My students have participated in three different programs: Marslink®, Moonlink® and Orbital Laboratory®. As a teacher I believe these hands-on educational science programs are truly extraordinary and 'out of this world.' All three programs taught my students the importance of teamwork. These programs gave them a chance to broaden their horizons and apply what they learned in the classroom to real-world situations." Read full testimonial

    Teacher Melvina Jones, Burroughs Elementary - Washington, DC
    "The Space Explorers material is a creative and innovative way of presenting space-related material while using computer technology... I look forward to utilizing this wonderful program in my classroom again this year. Now it's one of those 'must-haves' for implementing science at John Burroughs Elementary."

    Teacher Phil Riley, Isle High School - Isle, MN
    "The simulation was great. Prior to becoming a science teacher, I was a test engineer with NASA for space shuttle and later engine testing and development. The anomaly was a good drill. Very real, and the information and options available to the students was helpful. The data lab is spectacular!"

    Brenda Scott's classTeacher Brenda Scott, Booneville Middle School - Booneville, MS
    "My students had a great time with the Marslink program. Even more so, their parents have been thrilled by their interest and excitement. The programs are wonderfully motivational and allow students of all levels to excel. The launches emphasize the importance of being able to work with fellow team members and help make the connection between classroom studies and real-world situations. The excitement sparks that enthusiasm for space travel that might result in a career. Thanks for providing education with such an excellent program."

    Teacher Tom Sarko, Palm Beach Day School - Palm Beach, FL
    "I have been using the Space Explorers programs for over ten years, going back to the days of Lunar Prospector and Moonlink. The mission simulation concept is what initially got my attention, as this has added a whole new dimension of realism to my Earth/Space Science classes."

    Dr. Dana Barry, World's First Marslink Mission - Clarkson (U.S.) & Ansted (Malaysia) Universities
    "We are very grateful and extend sincere thanks and appreciation to Space Explorers, Inc. for making our Mission possible. The Marslink experience was fun and exciting, and truly turned the students on to science. They enjoyed the thrills of the Mission involvement and communication by conference phone with very supportive and helpful Mission Controllers. In addition, they learned the Mission positions and duties and a teamwork approach to solve problems. Our teams are looking forward to accessing and analyzing data (from Mars) and sharing their results and ideas with others around the world." Learn more

    Dave Henner's classTeacher Dave Henner, St. John's School - San Juan, Puerto Rico
    "The simulation was excellent! Not only did the students apply many of their Physics principles to the various stages of the launch, but they also learned a lot about teamwork. The preparations for the launch were excellent and I could pick and choose from among topics we had covered this year in class - some from Marslink and others from NEARlink."


    Teacher Karen Godenschwager, University School - Shaker Heights, OH
    "As I wrap up this year's Summer Space Science Adventure, I want to take a moment to thank you for your help with the Mission to Mars simulations and the space seeds project. Both of these were widely popular with the campers. They engaged their interest and lead to wonderful conversations and connections to what is happening in the real world. How wonderful it was to be involved with your team."

    Teacher Jan Stone, Panama Elementary - Panama, OK
    My class participating in your Orbital Laboratory experiment was one of the most meaningful and wonderful things they ever did! I built my entire curriculum around the experiments: their math, spelling, reading, etc. But most importantly, your program made 'stars' out of my students. My class was a special education class of students who could learn but were mainly misfits. They were the ones that were teased, tormented and told they were 'stupid' so many times each and every day. They worked soooo hard to succeed in the experiment. We put the soybean experiment in the front foyer so everyone could watch (and so the other students could watch mine in action). After the TV cameras came, after winning the mission patch contest, after getting to talk online to the scientists, astronauts, and experts, and after my students fielded their questions about zeoponics, hydroponics, seedlings, etc., they were certainly looked at differently. Your program is probably one of the main reasons that group of students will actually stay in school and graduate. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your program.

    Laura Dwyer's classTeacher Laura Dwyer - Alton Central School - Alton, New Hampshire
    "I used the Orbital Lab program with my third grade class to reinforce and teach the metric system. The Orbital Lab lends itself to math, science, language arts, reading...you name it. The tutorials are unbelievable and the curriculum exceptional. The curriculum and/or plant growth experiment has prepared my students by introducing them to science experiments, computer record keeping, and computer messaging."

    Teacher Karen Schonauer, West Elementary - East Rochester, OH
    "We need to give our students any opportunity we can to enrich their knowledge and 'let them shine' in their own area. Our experience with Orbital Laboratory was especially enriching for one of my 5th grade girls. IGA sponsored an essay contest as an Explore the Store project. They were to answer the question, "How would you use space exploration to benefit your Hometown?" IGA chose 12 winners who won a free trip to USA Space Camp. One of my girls is a winner. I attribute her experience with the [Orbital Laboratory] seed experiment and our participation with the GLOBE program as part of the reason she was able to write a winning essay."

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