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  • Space Facts: The Apollo Missions

    Did you know the Apollo Missions landed astronauts on the Moon and enabled the United States to win the "Space Race" with the Soviet Union? A series of test Apollo missions led up to the infamous launch of Apollo 11, when two U.S. Astronauts first stepped on the Moon. The Apollo program had an additional three launches planned (18, 19, and 20), but they were canceled due to cutbacks in funding.

    Apollo 11

    • Launched July 16, 1969
    • Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin became the first two people to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.
    • The Mission patch for Apollo bears no names. This signifies that the mission was for all mankind
    • The landing site was: Sea of Tranquility

    Apollo 12

    • Launched November 14, 1969
    • Flown by Astronauts Charles "Pete" Conrad CMDR, Alan Bean LMP, and Dick Gordon CMP
    • Lightning struck the booster twice during ascent
    • Landing site: Ocean of Storms

    Apollo 13

    • Launched April 11, 1970
    • Flown by Astronauts Jim Lovell CMDR, Fred Haise LMP, and Jack Swigert CMP
    • Defective oxygen tank lead to explosion and the cancelation of the Moon landing
    • Intended landing site: Fra Mauro

    Apollo 14

    • Launched January 31, 1971
    • Flown by Alan Shepard CMDR, Ed Mitchell LMP, and Stuart Roosa CMP
    • Used hand cart for first time to transport rocks
    • Landing Site: Fra Mauro

    Apollo 15

    • Launched July 26, 1971
    • Flown by Dave Scott CMDR, Jim Irwin LMP, and Alfred Worden CMP
    • First J class mission that carried a rover to the Moon's surface
    • Landing Site: Hadley Rille/Apennine Mountains

    Apollo 16

    • Launched April 16,1972
    • Flown by John Young CMDR, Charly Duke LMP, and Thomas "Ken" Mattingly CMP
    • Three EVAs totaling more than 20 hours
    • Landing site: Descartes

    Apollo 17

    • Launched December 7, 1972
    • Flown by Gene Cernan CMDR, Harrison "Jack" Schmitt LMP, Ron Evans CMP
    • Schmitt was the first Geologist to walk on the Moon
    • Landing Site: Taurus-Littrow
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