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    1. What astronaut had the longest time between space flights?
    Buzz Aldrin
    Sally Ride
    John Glenn
    Pete Conrad

    2. What is a 'Rockoon?'
    A nickname for astronauts
    A rocket launched from a high altitude balloon
    A balloon propelled rocket
    A nickname for the first raccoon to fly in space

    3. What is the landing speed of the Shuttle?
    Approximately 60 miles per hour
    Approximately 175 miles per hour
    Approximately 225 miles per hour
    Approximately 350 miles per hour

    4. What does GPS stand for?
    Global Positioning System
    Global Paleontology Support
    Ground Positioning Support
    Ground Parking System

    5. The boundary that separates the sunlit and dark regions of a planet or moon is called what?
    The Dark Region
    The Predator
    Darth Vader
    The Terminator

    6. How long does it take sunlight to reach Earth?
    8 minutes
    6 minutes
    4 minutes
    2 minutes

    7. How long does it take to fly from Earth to Mars?
    Approximately 1 year
    Approximately 11 months
    Approximately 9 months
    Approximately 3 months

    8. What was the first space project to require body tattoos on the astronauts?

    9. What nickname have astronauts given the KC-135 jet aircraft they use to experience zero gravity?
    The Zero Ride
    The Roller Coaster
    The Vomit Comet
    The Anti-Gravity Coaster

    10. What was the first sporting event to take place on the Moon?
    R. Frisbee

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