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    Rosholt Middle School
    Rosholt, Wisconsin
    11/13/2003 4:41:28 PM
    Hey Everyone,I am Cassi-Jo. I am 14 and go to rosholt middle school which is in Wisconsin. I am growing a wheat plant and it is 10.5 cm tall. I do a lot of things for fun like softball, basketball and volleyball. I am in band in choir. Well i hope that some people reply soon. Cassi-Jo

    Rosholt Middle School
    Rosholt, Wisconsin
    11/14/2003 7:36:44 AM
    Re: Hey EVERYONE
    So cassi jo i go to rosholt middle school too. maybe i know you from some class.Bye the way my name is jeff.

    Rosholt Middle School
    Rosholt, Wisconsin
    11/19/2003 8:17:48 AM
    Re: Hey EVERYONE
    Hey Cassijo i go to Rosholt too. I think i saw u around school one time or another. Our school is so ig i really don't know if i have seen u before. Lol. By the was this in Bailey
    Mary Lou

    South Spencer Middle School
    Rockport, Indiana
    10/19/2004 1:31:09 PM
    Re: Hey EVERYONE
    Hey Cassi-jo watz up? I go to south spencer. i have a wheate plant to its name is wheatie!! LOL

    Ripley, Tennessee
    4/22/2008 8:08:35 AM
    Re: Hey EVERYONE
    hey cassie-lo my name is diamond and i go to lauderdale middle school i have a plant and its name is soily-soil!!!!lol

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