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    Karen Schonauer

    West Elementary
    East Rochester, Ohio
    11/21/2003 9:27:39 AM
    Plant growth
    This is my third year growning plants and the wheat plants are not doing well at all. They are breaking off. The strongest growth are the soybeans in dirt and vermiculite. The plants did not grow well in dirt last year. It is interesting to compare data from year to year.I have a question concerning measurement. Some plants are breaking or seem to be shrinking and the data base will not accept a lower measurement. How can we put the accurate measurement in? Thanks
    Alicia Baturoni
    SEI Staff

    Space Explorers
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    12/1/2003 2:30:17 PM
    Re: Plant growth
    Hi Karen,Sorry to hear your plants aren't doing as well this year! In terms of measurement, once your plant begins to break or shrink, you should continue to enter the last height it was and be sure to indicate what happened (main stem breaks) in the Life Cycle Events. The reason you cannot enter the lower height is that a lower height indicates a "faulty trial" in the experiment. To keep our data strong, we eliminate that data from the height report and include it in the "calamity report" (http://www.space-explorers.com/internal/ol/3/notebook/reports.asp?20031201141116) This allows you to look at each group of plants and see what kinds of problems they have. For example, you will notice that the soy plants growing in vermiculite have a very good height record, but if you look at the calamity graph, you will also notice that 3.53% of them break. This leads you to question the effectiveness of that growth medium becuase while it helps the plant grows fairly well, it also results in increased stem breakage. When you think about it in a space station context, broken stems are bad! So maybe the vermiculite isn't as great as it seems at first...does that make sense?
    Karen Schonauer

    West Elementary
    East Rochester, Ohio
    12/3/2003 9:55:11 AM
    Re: Plant growth
    Yes, it makes sense. Thank you for the information.
    Saundra Rohn

    Rivers Edge Elementary School
    Port St. Lucie, Florida
    12/8/2003 8:23:49 AM
    Re: Plant growth
    A lot of our plants are weak and we are replanting soy and wheat. We are still very excited about some of the plants and how tall they have grown. Unexpected events make experiments interesting but frustrating. Saundra RohnTeacherRivers Edge Elem.Port St. Lucie, FL12/9/2003

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