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    Estherville Lincoln Central
    Estherville, Iowa
    12/2/2003 10:42:22 AM
    sandy moon
    is there sand on the moon?? :)

    Tellico Plains Junior High Sch
    Tellico Plains, Tennessee
    12/8/2003 8:21:42 AM
    Re: sandy moon
    I dont know..Maybe if you become a Astronaut and fly up to it you can find out :D
    Alicia Baturoni
    SEI Staff

    Space Explorers
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    1/12/2004 4:19:50 PM
    Re: sandy moon
    It isn't exactly sand, it's more of a "dust" and rock surface. The unique thing about the moon is that the rocks look very similar to earth rocks. The main difference: Unlike Earth rocks, every moon rock we have ever examined was formed WITHOUT the presence of water. In fact, the moon rocks that are housed at Johnson Space Center are kept in a nitrogen gas environment becuase they discovered if you leave a moon rock out in the Earth's atmosphere...it can rust!

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