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    Tellico Plains Junior High Sch
    Tellico Plains, Tennessee
    12/8/2003 8:21:21 AM
    wheat .
    why did my plant turn brown?

    Booneville Middle School
    Booneville, Mississippi
    12/8/2003 9:41:59 AM
    Re: wheat .
    I guess so I'm not sure though.
    Alicia Baturoni
    SEI Staff

    Space Explorers
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    12/8/2003 10:48:49 AM
    Re: wheat .
    Hi Alyssa, Sorry to hear about your wheat plant. There are a lot of reasons your plant could have died: not enough nutrients, not enough water, not enought light, too cold, too hot, too dry, mold, stem breakage, too much handling, etc. Turning brown is the evidence that the cells have died. Good luck with your new plant!

    Estherville Lincoln Central
    Estherville, Iowa
    1/6/2004 10:40:20 AM
    Re: wheat .
    its dead

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