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    Angie 03

    Rivers Edge Elementary School
    Port St. Lucie, Florida
    1/9/2004 12:54:17 PM
    How in the world do I tell?
    I have a soy plant but how do I tell if it is producing anything? What does it look like? My plant is only on the 49th day. Am I supposed to be seeing anything right now? If you could answer my question, please respond a.s.a.p.
    Alicia Baturoni
    SEI Staff

    Space Explorers
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    1/12/2004 4:06:00 PM
    Re: How in the world do I tell?
    http://www.space-explorers.com/internal/ol/3/payload/groundteam2.htmlThis section of the website will give you an idea of what the plants should look like. So should the growth and development guides available in the student materials section! Good luck!

    West Woods Elementary School
    Arvada, Colorado
    1/30/2004 8:18:12 AM
    Re: How in the world do I tell?
    I think the space explorers people are right. Good Luck with your plant.

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