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    West Woods Elementary School
    Arvada, Colorado
    1/30/2004 8:17:23 AM
    School is boring like always, but this thing is starting to spark my interest. That's pretty much it.

    Tellico Plains Junior High Sch
    Tellico Plains, Tennessee
    2/4/2004 1:07:39 PM
    Re: yo
    Alicia Baturoni
    SEI Staff

    Space Explorers
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    2/10/2004 4:24:00 PM
    Re: yo
    Hi Lauren, Glad to hear you're interested! Have you checked out the space madness games yet? What's your highest score?

    Washington Woods
    Holt, Michigan
    2/12/2004 10:18:45 AM
    Re: yo
    yeah this project is pretty cool. it is cool to know that you are helping NASA and that your hard work, and efforts in reaserch and development will some day help humans while they travel in space. it is really fun seeing how much your plant really grows.

    Tellico Plains Junior High Sch
    Tellico Plains, Tennessee
    3/8/2004 10:19:50 AM
    Re: yo
    rock on !!

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