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    Washington Woods
    Holt, Michigan
    3/25/2004 10:15:36 AM
    Could you have one killer, pool party, with a diving contest in outside-space? If you want you can to mine. it will be on pluto on june 21st,2008. See you there. It will be rockin'. hope you can come. Bring a jacket. ploto is a little colder than most would think. I should know . I live there.

    Minot Consolidated School
    Minot, Maine
    4/8/2004 2:18:35 PM
    Re: Partys
    hi people

    Washington Woods
    Holt, Michigan
    4/22/2004 10:22:20 AM
    Re: Partys
    what would happen if you had a party on space???

    Cedarville Public School
    Cedarville, Arkansas
    4/22/2004 2:11:11 PM
    Re: Partys
    you couldn't how would you breathe? The party couldn't last very long. We would run out of air first

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