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    Fsu School
    Tallahassee, Florida
    4/29/2004 1:20:24 PM
    Vermiculite:my leaves are spotted!!!!!!!!
    I am in 5th grade at Florida High. My plant is named VerMesa in honor of vermiculite and my horse Mesa. He is growing very well except that the leaves have been spotted for about a week now. Will this affect the growth of VerMesa? He was growing very well when he was broken, but he's slowed down since the leaves became spotted! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know by answering this message on the Space-Explorers Message board.

    Hillcrest Elementary School
    Nederland, Texas
    10/13/2004 8:55:22 AM
    Re: Vermiculite:my leaves are spotted!!!!!!!!
    wicth leaves the bottoms are suppose too

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