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Last summer NASA launched two rovers that will be landing on Mars this January. A trip to Mars has many obstacles to overcome. So many, that 2 out of 3 missions to the red planet fail. One of the toughest challenges to overcome is landing the rover on the surface of Mars.
NASA's rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, will enter the Martian atmosphere at 12,000 miles per hour. During a six minute landing, the 1000 pound spacecraft will use frictions from the Martian Atmosphere, it's large parachutes, retro-rockets and a complex air bag system to reduce its speed from 12,000 mph to almost zero.

For more information on the Mars Explorer Simulation please visit this page.
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With successful completion of the Rovers: 04 contest we have produced a certificate for you to download and print out. The certificate is in Adobe PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

Please visit the Winners Section to see if you or your class was chosen for a prize!
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Having your classroom participate in the contest is just the beginning. Included in the information are three activities that will engage your students using hands-on activities to explore the challenges of traveling to Mars. These activities can easily be used quickly and easily to bring the excitement of the Mars Exploration Rover to your classroom.
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Landing on Mars with robotic rovers is the first step in preparation for human exploration.  Learn more about the limitless possibilities we have yet to discover about the Red Planet in the Exploring Mars section. Keep checking back to the Gallery to see your exciting photos.
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