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These activities can be used to quickly and easily bring the excitement of the
Mars Exploration Rover Mission into your classroom.

Activity Description

Balloon Scale Model

Students use a ping pong ball, string and balloons to create a scale model of the Earth, Moon and Mars. The scale model is accurate for both the size of the objects and the distance between them.


This lesson introduces students to the science behind landing a rover on the surface of a planet. The science is presented both through Newton's Laws and Conservation of Momentum, so that you use what fits best in your course. Next, the lesson introduces students to the engineering design process that they can use to develop an entry, descent and landing system that will protect an egg.

Balloon EDL System

Build a replica of the Entry, Design and Landing system for the Mars Exploration Rovers using newspaper, string, cardstock, tape and balloons. Detailed directions and a template are included. You will need to photocopy the template on heavy paper.
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