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  • Update StudentsIf you have not already assigned classes, you should click on the "Update Classes" link before clicking on the "Update Students" link. After assigning classes to programs, you are ready to create your student accounts. In this part of the SEIPA program you will be able to control and modify your students' usernames, passwords, and program access. It may take a little while to enter all your students in first, especially if you have a lot of students. It is recommended that you don't start this process until you have some time set aside.

    The first page you will come across will look like the one to the right. In order for SEIPA to keep track of your individual students, they are assigned a number. You can decide which number corresponds with which student, but you should probably group students in the same class together.

    There is a button for each group of ten students. To create or edit a student's account, click on the button for that group of students.

    To remove all of your student data and start over, click on the "Delete all student data" button.

    The other two links present the student data in a format that cannot be edited, but can be printed more easily. The first is general student information, while the second will show you the pretest and post-test scores of your Orbital Laboratory students.

    Update StudentsImportant: If you wish to change the number of students you have, you must do so from the Update Accounts page.

    When you click on one of the student groups, you will get a chart like the one below.

    The first is the student's username. The username is the only thing you cannot edit. It is automatically generated for you. It should be your username followed by a dash, the letter s, and a two-digit number.


    Update Students

    The next section is for the student's password. When entering in the student's password, make sure it is six or more characters long and does not contain spaces or any character other than a letter or number.

    The following section is a drop down window from which you can select the student's class number. If you leave this section at the default, this student will not be able to access any programs. You must assign a student to one of the classes you created in the Update Classes section if the student is to use one of the programs.

    The next two sections are the student's last name and last name. After that is a checkbox. If you want to delete a single student's information and start over again, click on that checkbox before saving changes. Be careful, however, because this will delete everything saved for the student, including his or her pretest and post-test scores.

    Once you have made all of the changes you want to this section of students, click on the "Save Changes and Continue" button at the bottom of the screen. This will save the changes and return you to the previous menu where you can select another group of ten students. If instead you want to erase all of the changes you have just made, you should click on the "Revert to last save" button.

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