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"I am a math teacher and use the site to supplement and engage my students in "real world" math problems using the information from the sites."

- Teacher Gail Sanchez
Johnny Allen 6th Grade Campus
Amarillo, TX

Space Explorers applets are an exceptional tool to not only illustrate complex concepts, but also allow students to make and test predictions. The inquiry-based applets complement the lesson plans and simulations while allowing students to learn at their own pace. These are ideal for visual and hands-on learners.

The Interactive Applets were created to allow students to test out various scenarios to better understand the forces involved in asteroid impacts, trajectory correction techniques, launch windows, and aerobraking calculations. These allow for a fun, fast paced learning experience related to NASA missions. The Applets are designed to be completed online, and include corresponding lesson plans combining contextual and activity-based exercises to key science concepts with fun, interactive activities.

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