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"The Space Explorers material is a creative and innovative way of presenting space-related material while using computer technology... I look forward to utilizing this wonderful program in my classroom again this year. Now it's one of those 'must-haves' for implementing science at John Burroughs Elementary."

- Teacher Melvina Jones
Burroughs Elementary
Washington, DC

K-3 Space® allows kindergarten through third grade students to explore the solar system without leaving their classroom. This program uses a combination of hands-on multidisciplinary activities and interactive animations to teach students basic space concepts. The K-3 Space website contains sets of flash animations for each of the four subject areas. In each animation, students observe natural events and have the opportunity to answer questions about what they have observed. The animations can be used individually by students or as a demonstration in the classroom. K-3 Space® is an excellent introduction to the excitement and wonder of our solar system.

In this section, students explore the relationship between the Sun and Earth. They will discover the importance of the Sun to living beings and determine the cause of day and night and of the seasons. They can create a number of items, including day and night charts, sun bracelets, and a day and night spinner.

This module will teach students about our closest celestial neighbor. Students will model the distance between the Earth and the Moon and the phases of the Moon. Students will also describe the surface of the Moon, discover how gravity affects objects on the Earth and Moon, and describe what it would be like to live on the Moon.

Students will model the rotation, revolution, and orbits of planets as they explore our Solar System. This section contains a research project which students use to identify unique characteristics of each planet.

Students are introduced to space exploration as they learn about rockets, robots, astronauts, and stars. Young learners investigate ways we explore our solar system and the universe.

To complement the lesson plans and activities, K-3 Space also includes a number of additional resources to help reinforce the concepts within K-3 Space. This includes pictures, video clips, and supplementary information for the students.

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